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Seeking a City

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Item: CB8755
Author: Rice, John R.
ISBN: 9780873987554
Number of Pages: 196
Seeking a City is an historical novel built on the framework of one of the most intriguing personalities in the Old Testament—the patriarch Abraham. It has all the elements of great fiction writing: romance, adventure, temptation, conflict and suspense. This book is as well a biography and an enlightening Bible study. Here are very real Bible characters: Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Lot, Rebekah, Hagar and Eliezer—to name just a few. The narrative follows the biblical events reverently and accurately, but life only ten generations from the flood is woven masterfully into an enthralling account in charming and colorful pen pictures by the author. The reader will also find in these pages the story of salvation set forth clearly. How much Abraham new of spiritual truth! Many may be surprised to find how much Abraham understood, by divine revelation, about the Saviour. Nineteen absorbing chapters let us follow Abraham from Ur of the Chaldees to Palestine, traveling with him through desert and wilderness, on camel and on foot, sharing with him his most unique experiences as the "friend of God." Listen in on his conversations and musings. Feel his longing to know the true God and to obey Him, even if it means pain and sacrifice. This book is both interesting and profitable reading, a surprising combination of thrilling story and strong Bible doctrine. Your faith will surely be strengthened when you read these moving chapters.

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