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Right On Time!

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Item: PB8699
Author: Hamblin, John
ISBN: 9780873986991
Number of Pages: 202
In such times as these times are, there are conflicts, tragedies and unforeseen dilemmas confronting us increasingly. As you seek to navigate the turbulent waters of your life, you will be helped and blessed if you take the time to read Right on Time. This is not a volume of experimental theories or psychological rhetoric. It is sound counsel solidly anchored in the teachings of the Holy Bible.
With a decidedly convincing presentation of Bible truths and a compelling application for your personal life, each one of the sixteen chapters reaches into the earthly arena where we all live. As each new day dawns, time is on the march. It is the dimension in which you live. Right On Time will advise you well in how properly to invest each tick of the clock.

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