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Price: $11.95
Item: PB8659
Author: Barlow, Fred
ISBN: 9780873986595
Number of Pages: 210

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These are short biographical sketches of men who did the work of an evangelist. As such, these men wrought revivals of righteousness, raised up standards of spirituality, resisted the forces of evil, redeemed through their preaching multitudes of death-doomed, Hell-bound sinners to Christ.

You will meet 45 soul-winning evangelists in these pages. Meet them in their hours of deepest conviction of sin, in the hallowed hours of their conversion of soul, in the holy hour of their call to evangelism, and in their hallelujah hours of conquests for Christ. Come walk with them, weep with them, warn the lost with them, and win with them.

Sketches include those of: Charles Alexander; Hyman Appelman; Francis Asbury; William Biederwolf; William Booth; David Brainerd; Billy Bray; Fred Brown; Howard Cadle; William Cary; John Carrara; Peter Cartwright; Wilbur Chapman; Jonathan Edwards; Christmas Evans; Charles Finney; Mordecai Ham; Praying Hyde; Bob Jones, Sr.; Sam Jones; Adoniram Judson; Jacob Knapp; B. R. Lakin; Paul Levin; Robert Moffat; Dwight Moody; Henry Morrison; Asahel Nettleton; Sam Raborn; Bill Rice; John Rice; Evan Roberts; Ira Sankey; Lee Scarborough; Gipsy Smith; Charles Spurgeon; Billy Sunday; T. Dewitt Talmage; Hudson Taylor; R. A. Torrey; Mel Trotter; George Truett; John Vassar; John Wesley and George Whitefield.

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