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Octopus of Humanism, The

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Price: $9.95
Item: PB8642
Author: Farnham, Jeff
ISBN: 9780873986427
Number of Pages: 139

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Jeff Farnham takes an in-depth look at the things in society that are influencing men against the Gospel of Christ. Using the figure of an octopus with its eight tentacles, he shows how eight philosophical systems that mushroomed in the last century—mysticism, relativism, materialism, secularism, intellectualism, emotionalism, pragmatism and hedonism—all come from the common source of humanism.

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Contemporary American Society Reproved By The Light
Mr. Noe (Ashland, KY) 1/5/2011 2:39 PM
Among a Christian consensus, people often urge one another to hold to a more Biblical basis for their doctrine. What might be neglected, however, is how it then applies to life. Hence, a fundamental outlook is needed to form a godly worldview. Some people refer to this 'fundamental' spirit as the 'essential' message of the Bible's ancient books and epistles. This then is the core significance of the past. An author simply must the find courage to take that stand. In par, if an author begins from a fundamental basis, then there is less truth watered down; and the Bible is then upheld in its most fundamental doctrine. That is what must be done. Therefore, though Americans might fear that such a fundamental basis will be neglected, we must thus appreciate someone who instead includes such an outlook. In The Octopus of Humanism, the author has started from such a good foundation; he has indeed started from a fundamental one. There is less hype and glamor as a result. What is left is a purely Biblical teaching. Oftentimes, a spirit of shame is directed toward this Baptist approach; let alone an evangelical one altogether. Quickly, our contemporary society conjures up the Salem Witch Trials, and then passes that image off as fundamentalism and Baptist in nature; and little of the good heritage of our Puritan pilgrims is passed off as being believable: "They were all bigoted and arrogant hell-fire and brimstone preachers." Likewise, Fundamentalists and Baptists are set apart as an evil to America. Wisdom, however, is justified of her children. In this book, therefore, a person may easily embrace a clearly Biblical perspective. It is, therefore, also a fundamental Baptist perspective. Such perspective gives simple truths that the Bible clearly records. The author has connected those truths with eight modern words in our language. By those eight words, specific and ungodly philosophies have been summed up, analyzed (tried) & thus reproved by the true Light.
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