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Me? Obey Him?

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Item: PB8551
Author: Handford, Elizabeth Rice
ISBN: 9780873985512
Number of Pages: 97
Homes across America are in serious trouble! Quite often, the root of the problem lies with a confusion of authority. Very often, the guilt lies at our feet, ladies as we seek to take the wheel of authority ourselves and clash with our husbands. But can't a woman be her own person and still be a good wife? Doesn't she have rights as well? What if the man is truly wrong? Is there a way to biblically confront him? Elizabeth Rice Handford answers all these questions and more in Me? Obey Him? Packed with Scripture, this book reveals how ladies everywhere are unintentionally hurting themselves, and damaging their own homes! Don't let your marriage be a casualty on the battlefield for your rights!

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Changed Heart
Amy Darrow (White House, TN) 5/22/2013 8:25 AM
This book has changed my life. I've heard many sermons and read many books on submission of the wife and obedience but this one explains it the best. I have been so enlightened and encouraged by the words in this book. Every woman should be required to read this book before they get married as well as when you get married. In the pages of this book with Bible scripture for reference truly shows us the importance of submission and obedience. If you want your husband to be blessed, your family to be blessed and your prayers to be answered, please learn how to submit yourselves unto your own husband as the Bible commands. Without submission, we disobey God.
Me? Obey Him?
Tonie Sternbergh (Whitehorse, YT) 6/16/2012 4:46 PM
Dear Elizabeth, I just want to thank you for the wonderful book you've written. I would that its message were in the heart of every Christian woman today. It would put an end to the unnecessary pain and heartache that is happening in so many homes, including mine. I was a homeschooling mom with nine children, and had a husband who worked very hard to provide for us. He was a believer, but I, through my insistence on having my own way about things tore down our home. Today I live by myself, we are divorced, and my husband is in a relationship with another woman. I struggle each day to rebuild the relationships with my children that I destroyed. I wish I had read your book sooner and had heeded its absolute message. I believe a wife in sweet service to her husband can win him and all their children as well. God bless you and keep you. One who lives with the suffering of disobedience.
Excellent book!
Mrs. JoAnn Roberts (Seymour, CT) 2/9/2011 11:42 AM
The Lord has truly answered my prayer for wisdom and help. This book is a wonderful tool that has helped me to cross over and "enter into the blessed fulfillment of your womanhood", This book was sitting in my purse for many weeks without opening a page and then when I opened it up and started to after read a few pages, a change began to happen in my heart so wonderfully as the Lord does!! This is a must read for every Christian woman.
This Book Changed My Life, and Hers
Bob (Herndon, VA) 2/4/2010 4:39 PM
Wow, I can't possibly say enough about this book. Nothing has been better for my marriage.
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