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Lodges Examined By the Bible

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Author: Rice, John R.
ISBN: 9780873985109
Number of Pages: 122
Many influential people are members of secret orders. Their memberships include church members and even preachers.

Lodges claim to be centers of morality and claim to give great light on spiritual things. These orders often profess to show the way to Heaven—even calling their buildings temples.

Using the light of the Bible, Dr. Rice asks the question, "Is it a sin for a Christian to have membership in secret orders?" He answers with a resounding "YES."  His words are strong, but the evidence is stronger. He gives the details and tells where to find more to prove every statement and implication. 

Fascinating and riveting, this book tells the secrets many have sworn bloody oaths to "ever conceal and never reveal." Here is a book where honest Christians, earnestly seeking to know the will of God, can find with certainty what they ought to do.

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