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Living By Principle

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Author: Smith, Shelton

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In Bible-believing circles where we hold the Bible aloft and declare ourselves the guardians of the Faith, what excuse, what rationale, what justification can we give for our integrity crisis?  They say fishermen exaggerate the size of their catches and we guess some do.  They say some golfers talk a bigger, better game that what they actually play--the gaffe over the greens is fairly common. We can make it if the fishermen or golfer lies; but it is a different matter when a Christian, a preacher, a pastor or a missionary doesn't shoot straight with us.  There is a crisis and a serious one.  It is a crisis of integrity and we are not without an answer about what to do about it.  "Truth is fallen in the street" (Isa. 59:14).  Unfortunantely, in many cases it's the street in front of the church house where it has fallen and is trodden underfoot.  We should live by principle!  Where are the preachers who will live by principle, love by principle, be loyal to principle and labor by principle?  Where are the dear children of God who will let principle be their guide, their goal and their guardian day by day?  The integrity crisis doesn't have to     have a branch office at your house or at your church.  Is it not still right to do right?  Are there not genuine servants of God in this day?  Let the truths in this pamphlet guide you to a life of living by principle.

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