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King James Bible Conference CD Album

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Shelton Smith, Mike Norris, Don Jasmin, Raymond Barber, Norris Belcher and David Sorenson present their best defense for the exclusive use of the King James Version of the Bible, in this informative series of fourteen different sessions. The conference was recorded live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, January 16-18,  2008.
The following CD's included:
1: Introduction to the King James Bible Conference (Shelton Smith)
2: Thank God for the Bible (Raymond Barber)
3: Bible Preservation (Don Jasmin)
4: The King James Bible Text (Shelton Smith)
5: The Inspiration of Scripture (David Sorenson)
6: A Pastor's Practical Solutions for Passage Problems (Mike Norris)
7: The Critical Text: Its Origin and Development (David Sorenson)
8: Staying With the Word of God (Norris Belcher)
9: The Authority of the Book (Don Jasmin)
10: What's Better Than A Sacrifice? (Norris Belcher)
11: Private Interpretation (Norris Belcher)
12: A History of the Preserved Text (David Sorenson)
13: Bible Benders, Bible Menders, or Bible Defenders (Don Jasmin)
14: Blessings from the Book (Shelton Smith)

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