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Highlights 1964 CD Album

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Long before Gospel Light Baptist Church of Walkertown, North Carolina became such an influence for God in the Carolinas and around the world, another body of believers met at the Faith Baptist Tabernacle in nearby Winston-Salem.

The pastor, Paul Raker, loved Dr. John R. Rice and the Sword of the Lord so much, he built a tabernacle which would seat about a thousand people so that he could sponsor an annual Sword Conference in North Carolina. Year after year Dr. Rice came with other well-known preachers, church builders and soul winners, and they would fill the tabernacle

One particular year (1964), a burdened pastor came to the Sword Conference at Faith Baptist Tabernacle and caught a vision. That pastor was Bobby Roberson. Dr. Roberson comments on the Sword Conferences held at the Tabernacle: "I became pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in July 1956. A few weeks later I attended a meeting at Faith Baptist Church about seven miles away. Dr. John R. Rice and Dr. Jack Hyles were preaching at that meeting. It was there that God spoke to my heart as a young man of twenty-four, and that's where I learned to win souls to the Lord. Those yearly Sword meetings at Faith Baptist changed my heart and my ministry. Sometime ago, the pastor from Faith went home to be with the Lord, and since that time I have had the privilege of serving as pastor to his family who are still a part of Gospel Light today. I thank God for the lessons learned back then!"

Now, in this "Highlights 1964" album, you too can hear one of the great conferences held there and be blessed by the preaching of it.
Contains 16 audio sermons:
  1. Feeding the Five Thousand (John R. Rice)
  2. Sowing and Reaping (John R. Rice)
  3. Four Calls to Soul Winning (Bud Lyles)
  4. Open Thy Mouth Wide (John R. Rice)
  5. The Banquet Invitation (John R. Rice)
  6. Compassion (Lee Roberson)
  7. Babes in Christ (Lee Roberson)
  8. The Sevenfold Sin of Not Winning Souls (John R. Rice)
  9. Prayer Is Asking (John R. Rice)
  10. Don't Lose Your Song (Jack Hyles)
  11. The Last Days and Soul Winning (John R. Rice)
  12. The Missing Link (Jack Hyles)
  13. Harvest Plenteous-Laborers Few (John R. Rice)
  14. He Made the Stars Also (Jack Hyles)
  15. Hearts That Are Hot (Jack Hyles)
  16. The High Cost of the Power of God (John R. Rice)

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