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Hell—What the Bible Says About It

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Item: PA8353
Author: Rice, John R.
ISBN: 9780873983532
Number of Pages: 30

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If there is a place of eternal torment where damned souls cry in vain for water amid the flames they cannot escape forever, it is the most terrible and alarming fact in the universe! The very possibility that such a doom may await the sinner is so shocking that no other question can compare with it in importance. How can today's feasting or hunger, clothing or nakedness, honor or infamy, pleasure or pain compare in importance with a million years of pain, torment of body, mind and conscience? We beg the sinner to consider how worth while it is to know what God says about Hell. Then, to the Christian, if one loved one of yours is in danger of the fire of Hell, how alarmed and anxious you ought to be!  How earnest ought to be your entreaties, how fervent your prayers, how sleepless your nights in your efforts to save him from the doom of lost souls! Yes, if men are going to such a Hell that is so terrible, bonds of kinship and family ought not to be the limit of our prayers and efforts.  If there is one man on this earth, even a total stranger, even an unknown savage, who may go to Hell, then every person who has yet any of the milk of human kindness, any care for neighbor, any love for his fellow man, ought to have a consuming passion to rescue that poor soul! To saints and sinners alike the question of Hell becomes one of alarming importance. We ought to learn about Hell to escape it ourselves and to rescue others from it as well.

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