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Heart for God, A

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Author: Chappell, Paul
Number of Pages: 301

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Today’s society is plagued with "surface Christianity," which is often rooted in "performance-based acceptance." At the very core of your relationship with God is your heart. Do you truly have a heart for God? In a world that constantly tempts you to waste your affections on self and corrupt pleasure, have you reserved that private, vital part of life to God? He may have your lip-service, your physical labor and even your outward appearance—but does He have what He wants the most? The Christian life begins with the heart. It begins at salvation when Jesus Christ is invited personally to indwell your heart as Saviour. It continues through a lifelong process of yielding, consecrating, growing and renewing your heart. All other service, all other ministry, all other outward Christian living is vain and tainted if it flows through an impure heart. Though God is pleased with your service, it is your heart He desires most.

Journey with Paul Chappell into the deepest part of your life. It's the part that only God sees. Consider the very basis of your Christian walk. Learn to develop a longing, a thirst, a hunger to know the God that you claim to serve. Learn to live the Christian life from the inside out. Like a freshwater stream flowing from an underground well of crystal pure water so is the Christian life that overflows with service that originates in a pure heart of commitment and closeness to God. Get to know your God. Develop a heart that longs to know Him more. Make the Christian life what it was intended by God to be...a relationship with Him!  Delve into these pages with a hunger...devour them with a thirst...respond to them by developing a greater "heart for God."

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