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Item: PA8291
Author: Talmage, T. DeWitt
ISBN: 9780873982917
Number of Pages: 16

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Echoing Elijah on Mt. Carmel, Fence Straddlers is an impassioned cry to the reader, "If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him." Dr. Talmage described those who want Christ in one hand and the world in the other. Trying to serve the world and Christ at the same time is an acceptable position of compromise. It is exhibited by having grace in the heart but not making profession of it; by walking in fellowship with dedicated Christians but still wanting old cronies as well; by coming to prayer meetings and then seeking the bright lights of the world. It is an uncomfortable and unsatisfactory position to be "straddling the fence." Whether we are talking about the matter of salvation or walking with the Lord, Dr. Talmage admonishes us to get it settled now.

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