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Dr. Tom Malone Preaches on the Apostles

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Item: CB8172
Author: Malone, Tom
ISBN: 0873981723
Number of Pages: 239
The apostles were unique individuals, not because of who they were or what abilities they had but because Jesus called them for special service in the Kingdom. Dr. Malone presents each apostle so that we feel he might be our next of kin. He helps us relate to the twelve as though they were our contemporaries. We see in them our strengths and weaknesses. We may profit from their positive example, and we may learn from their failures. Chapters include: Jesus and the Twelve; Simon Peter, a Rock for Christ; Andrew—a Man's Man; James, the Brother of John; John, the Disciple of Love; Philip—a Man Who Walked by Sight; Nathanael, the Skeptic; Thomas, the Doubter; Matthew—the Tax-Collector; James the Less; Judas Thaddeus—Not Iscariot; Simon—the Zealous Christian; Judas Iscariot; Why Peter, James and John?

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