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Author: Jenkins, Jody

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Birthed out of the heart of Pastor Jody Jenkins (Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church) these Bible Story books with accompanying coloring pages were designed to nurture the special time parents have with their young children while they focus on the Bible. Parents can enjoy sharing with their child the simple Bible message and even use the suggested questions to ask to ensure their child understood their Bible story.

Each lesson includes: Age appropriate Bible story, Point to Ponder, Application to Make, Questions to Ask, Memory Verse to Learn and Corresponding Coloring Page

Volume 1 contains 53 stories covering Genesis 1 (Creation) through Joshua 10 (The Sun Stands Still).

Volume 2 contains 56 stories covering Joshua 23 (Serving the Lord) through Job (The Devil attacks Job).

Volume 3 contains 58 stories covering Psalm 1 (The Happy Man) through Luke 22 (The Devil Desires to Have You)

Volume 4 contains 59 stories covering John 4 (The Woman at the Well) through Revelation 21 (Heaven Is Real)

Recommended for ages 8 and under.

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