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Assassination Plot, The

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Item: BJ6315
Author: Dunlop, Ed
ISBN: 9781591663157
Number of Pages: 116
[Book 1 in the Sherlock Jones Junior Detective Series]
Just then, a voice came out of my walkie-talkie, but it wasn't Jasper's. "I don't like it," a man's voice said. "We're taking an awful risk. What if the cops are on to us?"
And then another voice cut in, "Don't be an idiot! The cops don't even know we're in the state. I've taken precautions to make sure our tracks are covered and the contract is paying a hundred thousand."

When Penny Gordon and her friend Jasper Jones accidentally stumble onto a plot to assassinate the state's governor, they try to sound the alarm to local law enforcement, but the police chief passes it off as wild imagination.
Penny and Jasper realize they're on their own against high-powered criminals, but in the end, it's that imagination that gives the crooks a run for their money and makes Jasper's new name a household word!

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