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What About Repentance?

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Author: Smith, Shelton
ISBN: 9780873989879
Number of Pages: 30

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The Bible leaves no doubt that repentance is a requirement for salvation. Christians do not debate that. However, there is much discussion regarding that to which the word is referring. 

It is very easy to define a word in a way consistent with how one views his own experience, but trying to require our experience of others is a fallacy demonstrated by comparing Lydia and the Philippian jailer in Acts 16. The correct way to define Bible terms is to analyze their use in Scripture without having preconceived notions influence the thought process. 

Dr. Shelton Smith takes this correct approach in examining all the usages of the different forms of the word "repent" in the Bible. The conclusion reached is consistent with Scripture and should provide a compelling, convincing case for the student who follows the arguments.

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Excellent Concise Study of Repentance
Glen M. (Lexington, SC) 8/13/2016 8:53 AM
This booklet is a concise, but excellent study of one of the most misunderstood Bible words (repentance) of our time. Dr. Smith lays out clear position on the word based on his personal study, and not what someone else has said, written, or preached. Yes, there are a few quotes from other prominent Baptists which help lay out the case for the true meaning of the word. But, the majority of the explanation comes from the Bible itself and the study of it which Dr. Smith has obviously done in an effort to clear up the confusion regarding the word. Smith boldly explains his and the Sword's position on a word which has sadly become a divisive and contentious controversy among some in the "Baptist world." Hopefully, people will read with an open mind and discover the ease with which the word can be understood by using the Bible itself at the last and only commentary needed on the word - "repentance!"
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