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Moral Failure

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Author: Sorenson, David
ISBN: 9780971138421
Number of Pages: 155
After nearly four decades in the ministry, Dr. David Sorenson recounts numerous incidents where men in spiritual leadership have experienced moral failure.

This book presents the root cause thereof along with the Scriptural means of preventing it. The book accordingly is saturated with Scripture.

The essence of such victory is to walk in the Spirit and one will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Sorenson lists 4 Scriptural principles which will enable
any individual to overcome the temptation for moral failure and to walk in the Spirit. He also lists 12 reasons, which if considered, will prevent a man in spiritual leadership from destroying his ministry, his reputation, his marriage, his position and his testimony in yielding to sexual sin. 

The prevention of moral failure is simple. It goes back to Christianity 101. 

In this book are simple truths which can prevent any man from becoming a castaway in the ministry.

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