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Capturing Jasmina

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Item: BJ2853
Author: Rae, Kimberly
ISBN: 9781606828533
Number of Pages: 116
Jasmina lives in India with her parents and her brother, Samir. One day a man shows up at the family's hut and offers her father money for the children. They will receive a fine education, he says. They will bring the family wealth and honor. Poor and uneducated, Jasmina's father accepts the offer.

But, as Jasmina and Samir soon discover, the man is providing an education, not in a school, but as a slave in his sweatshop garment factory. While Samir quickly submits to his new life of misery, Jasmina never stops planning an escape.

She comes to realize that escape doesn’t always mean freedom.
(Recommended for Young Adults)

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